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Top five ways to increase Amazon affiliate revenue
27 August 2019

Top five ways to increase Amazon affiliate revenue

A lot of entrepreneurs and marketers are spending on affiliate marketing and increasing their rewards. Affiliate marketing provides a whole new way for companies to market their products, and enjoy that extra untapped profit from it.

Amazon is a great place for an affiliate program that can earn a lot of online income. Amazon is well-trusted, priced right, and your readers are, without a doubt, already shopping there. Therefore, chances of getting higher profits are better.

There are lots of strategies available on the internet for generating revenue through the Amazon affiliate program, but the following are the top 5 tested and proven ways that will help you increase your Amazon affiliate revenue quickly.

  1. Provide visitors with personal recommendations:

You can provide your visitors with your personal recommendations through a quiz. This will help your visitors find out what kind of products they are looking for or what specifications they desire in a particular product.

Personalized recommendations help get better conversion rates, because it makes visitors feel valued when they see the product recommendation they have been looking for.

  1. Create affiliate centered content:

If you want to drive large chunks of affiliate income, then shift your focus to creating affiliate centered content that provides gift guides and free recommendations to visitors.

Creating affiliate focused content will help you earn affiliate clicks on your posts which will help you earn more. It can’t be done on each and every post you create. Add it to some with your audience in mind, and this tactic will help you lead the pack. 

  1. Don’t forget to link up your popular posts:

Do you have a popular post that has gone viral and people are still checking it out??? Then take out some time, go to that post and add your affiliate link into it. You can use a heat map and place your links on those words or phrases.

Affiliate links placed in your posts help you earn more visitors, and increase sales and conversion rates. No matter what page your reader enters on, they should have an opportunity to click on an affiliate link. 

  1. Utilize authority websites:

Authority websites are a key to success for affiliate marketers. Authorized websites allow you to move upward in search engine rankings. Try to link your affiliate products to your website to help you build credibility.

For example, if you have produced a promotional you tube video, the first line of your video description should always be a link back to your website which has an in depth review with affiliate links.

  1. Allow readers to review products:

Getting products reviews from readers is a far better option for marketing your product, than getting a dedicated reader or guest post blogger to write up a review on a product.

This way, readers won't feel like they're being cheated through a professional write up just to engage them, because an unbiased person is evaluating the product.



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